Posted: 20/10/2023

Bedford Borough Council

Material Compositional Analysis

In July 2014, PPS Recovery Systems were engaged by Bedford Borough Council to conduct a material compositional analysis process upon its recycling collections over a two week period. The main purpose of this analysis, along with defining the constituents of the collection material, was to identify the main material types present in the non-requested fraction. These could then be relayed back to the collection authorities in order for them produce communications campaigns around them.

To commence this process, a representative sample was agreed between all parties involved, ensuring a consistent level of sample had been undertaken through all collection rounds. The samples were all sorted into the various agreed material categories and weighed accordingly. In total 100 samples totalling approximately 2.5 tonnes were analysed.

All data was then processed in office with a final report compiled and presented to the customer, highlighting the findings of the assessment.

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