Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy Consultancy

Within the sustainability sector, PPS specialise in resource efficiency and circular economy. There is a range of key expertise areas across the in house PPS team. This encompasses topics such as recycling and recyclability, material and waste composition assessments, policy and strategy, end market identification and development, re-use systems and models plus more general circular economy and ESG support. Traditionally focussed on packaging, PPS today covers a range of sectors.

Recycling and Recyclability

At PPS, we are passionate about advancing recycling practices and promoting recyclability. This covers the entire journey of recycling from designing products and packaging, collections, handling, reprocessing and remanufacturing. Our expert team works closely with clients to implement effective recycling solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data is at the heart of many of our services. With advanced data analytics tools, we collect, analyse, and interpret data to gain valuable insights into resources and circular economy processes. Our comprehensive reporting enables informed decision-making, identifies areas for improvement, and tracks project progress. Through data-driven strategies, we help clients optimise operations and achieve their sustainability goals.

Material and Waste Composition Assessments

PPS have lots of experience of managing projects involving composition assessments. We conduct thorough assessments of material and waste composition using defined or bespoke methodology to understand their characteristics and potential for reduction or re-use. By identifying recyclable materials and assessing their quality, we enable clients to implement efficient practices to maximise resource value. Our assessments contribute to effective waste segregation, reduced contamination, and increased material recovery rates. We also specialise in plastics and can provide deep dive categorisation work linked to wider material composition projects when required.

Policy and Strategy

PPS provides expert guidance in reviewing, developing and devising resources and circular economy policies and strategies. With a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, industry trends, and environmental considerations, we help clients navigate the growing policy implications. PPS have generated many consultation responses including DEFRA and HMRC activities. Through the work of RECOUP we also have place on the DEFRA Resources and Waste Strategy Stakeholder Advisory Group.

End Market Identification and Development

Identifying viable end markets is critical to closing the loop in the circular economy. PPS assists clients in connecting recyclers and recovery schemes with end-users, running trials and tests to assess values, quality, composition and contamination. By fostering strong end market relationships, we contribute to a sustainable and economically viable resource industry.

Re-use Systems and Models

As proponents of waste reduction, we have tracked re-use systems and models closely that promote the reutilisation of products and materials. Our expertise in circular economy principles allows us to create innovative re-use strategies that minimise waste and conserve resources.

Circular Economy and ESG Support

We support clients in developing and writing their sustainability and circularity plans. While there is no one size fits all approach, there are a number of areas that can enhance corporate reporting and ensure the commitments are meaningful and realistic. Integrating circular economy principles into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives is expected of all organisations. By aligning sustainability goals with business practices, we help organisations drive positive social and environmental impact.

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